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#runYOGAroll with Kyrin Hall

Yoga teacher training programme (Miami) November 2016 – April 2017 Contact us 

Yoga teacher training programme (London + Amsterdam)  Date: 2017  T.B.A –  Contact us


Chi-Running workshop (Madrid, Spain)  July 21 – 25  Contact us for availability

#runYOGAroll Weekend training (teachers only)  Date: August 13/14; 20/21 #runYOGAroll - Kyrin Hall(London & Miami) Contact us for more info


#runYOGAroll  with Yoga Brand LuluLemon. April 2, 2016 #runYOGAroll - Kyrin Hall Location: Prinsenstraat 13, Amsterdam Contact us


Become a Myofascial Release Technique Trainer (Foam + Ball rolling) #runYOGAroll - Kyrin HallBLACKROLL Certification programme Contact us for availability 


ChiRunning - yoga4runners-kyrinhall Chi Running Workshop  for Yoga Teachers with Marion Meesters (Author of the book ChiRunning). May 8, 2016 Location: Amsterdam/Yoga4runners Studio Contact us for availability    

 Chi Running Workshop with Marion Meesters – Open Class (Author of the book ChiRunning). June 4, 2016:  Time: 10 – 13h  Location: Amsterdam  Contact us  for availability


   FOOD   workshops 

Kyrin Hall PhD, #eat4energy

Kyrin Hall PhD, Yogi-Nutritionist + Founder of #runYOGAroll concept studio

 Food and Mood with Chef Ivo Schellen and Yogi-Nutritionist Kyrin Hall PhD in conjunction with ACCESS Cancer Link. Eat4energy - Kyrin HallA hands-on 4 course menu preparation. Date: March 6, 2016 Location: Amsterdam. Contact: us

♣ The Brain and Gut Connection Workshop with Psychologist Jeannette Bolck + Yogi-Nutritionist Kyrin Hall PhD March 23 2016 Location: Amsterdam  Contact us



Yoga Magazine Festival #runYOGAroll

   runYOGAroll    workshops   

♣ Yoga Teacher Training – London + Amsterdam – January 2016 – June 2016:

Yoga Teacher Training – Meet Yoga Trainers – November14, 2015 @ 10.30am 

   Yoga Magazine Festival  – October 25, 2015Yoga Magazine Festival #runYOGAroll - kyrin hall

  Y4R Teacher Training  – by invitation – September 6

  Y4R Teacher Training Weekend – by invitation – August 22, 23

  Y4R Teacher Training Weekend – by invitation – July 18, 19

  Foam Roll Certification @BLACKROLL – July 11

  Y4R Teacher Training Weekend – by invitation – June 27 + 28

  Food + Yoga workshops at YogaFest Amsterdam – June 7

 ♣ Chi Running Workshop with Marion Meesters, Master Trainer and Author of the book ChiRunning  – June 14#runYOGAroll

Nutrition for Sport with Dr Kyrin Hall PhD, Yogi, Endurance Athlete and Founder of Eat4Energy- –  Contact us for availability

Yoga Magazine Festival 2014  Meet our Expert -The Chiropodist.Talk about your Feet. Contact us for availability & cost – February 2015

 Meet our Expert on Myofascal Release. Trigger Ball and Foam Rolling techniques. Contact us for availability & cost – March 2015

See you on the mat! 

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