Yoga4Runners Terms & Conditions

YOGA4RUNNERS Studio shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damages in connection with or resulting from your participation in a yoga class/programme. Y4R Studio only works with qualified yoga teachers and will always offer yoga classes of the highest quality, notwithstanding, there is always a risk of injury involved when taking a yoga class. By participating you accepts such risk of injury. Y4R Studio offers the following guidelines to diminish the risk of injury:

  • Consult with a physician before starting if you have a health concern or is pregnant
  • If you have an injury or physical impairment, inform the yoga teacher before you start
  • Listen to and follow the instruction of the yoga teacher
  • Be conservative when practicing yoga and listen to your physical limitations
  • Don’t do any exercises that are painful
  • Ask questions when you do not understand a posture
  • The Participant will never engage Y4R Studio, Y4R Trainers, or any of the supporting staff in legal procedures relating to possible damages in whatever form that may be the result of participation
  • Cancellation of a class requires a 24h notice period. You can cancel via the app or by using your account (website). With less than 24h, you are require to pay for the place that you reserved. By choosing to reserve a place, you agree to our cancellation terms.


Yoga4Runners Teacher Training Programme  Upon successful completion of the Teacher Training programme (pass written and practical assessments) the Participant will receive:

  • Yoga + Run Teacher Trainer Certificate of Achievement from Y4R Studio
  • The option to register with Yoga Alliance as a teacher

PARTICIPANTS UPON COMPLETION of the Teacher Training programme will be entitled to teach individuals or groups. However as a teacher in training, the Participant agrees to teach only when monitored. Any materials representing YOGA4RUNNERS and/or the benefit of Yoga as a practice should be in alignment with Yoga Alliance principles. The Participant warrants that he / she is not violating any other agreement or any law by performing the Teacher Training course. The Participant agrees to Continued Professional Development [CPD] as required by Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the Teacher Training course, the Participant agrees to abide by the principles of yoga and classes will be taught for the common good; their Y4R classes/school can be verified for the standards required. If not met, the Participant will be invited to embark on a CPD course within an agreed upon timeframe.

GIVING FEEDBACK. At Yoga4Runners we use the Sandwich technique to give feedback. Assuring that feedback is constructive and for the benefit of all concerned. We request that in dealing with fellow participants and Y4R Teachers that you adopt this technique.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Y4R studio takes reasonable security precautions to keep confidential all information deemed confidential. Without prior written consent Y4R studio will never transfer any personal data of the student to a third party. Y4R Studio shall be careful while collecting data and will always comply with the applicable Data Protection Act.


  • Complete application form (a) submit references to verify yoga-run practice (b) abide by payment schedule
  • Agree to abide by the course schedule. All modules are mandatory, and required for completing the Teacher Trainer’s certification. During the course the Participant is required to engage in weekly self study + self yoga practice (journal)
  • If unforeseen circumstances cause the Participant to miss a module, an agreement with the Senior Y4R Trainer to make up this module can be agreed. If not convenient for both parties to schedule, the Y4R Trainer may require that the Participant attend a future TT programme to complete the course
  • One of Yoga Alliance requirements is that Participants develop their personal yoga practice. Yoga with the main Y4R TT Trainer (+ other qualified Teacher) is to be undertaken while you are on the Y4R TT.  If you can not attend yoga regularly at the Y4R Yoga studio because of proximity, participants are to provide Y4R Studio with the name of a verifiably Yoga Alliance Teacher (or Experienced Yoga Teacher).
  • Complete a 10k run as part of the programme. The race preparation and participation will count for 10 hours of the TT course. If this endeavour is done outside of the TT course, proof of such race must be provided. Race is to take place within 6 months of the completion of the course (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Assist/observe qualified teachers as part of the TT. Y4R Trainer and the Participant will agree on required hours to assist/observe. If observation/assistance is done with other ‘agreed upon’ teacher/s other than the Y4R main Trainer, the Participant is required to provide verifiable documentation of dates/times.
  • If a passing grade is not obtained, Y4R will facilitate a re-sit of exams. The Y4R Trainer may ask the Participant to attend future TT modules,  after a 2nd attempt (b) Participants will be advised of the requirement (passing grade) before each exam. (c) A course plan will be provided to the Participant by the Y4R Trainer (d) Throughout the course Y4R Trainer will assess Participant’s teaching capability. The Trainer may recommend that you undertake further training (assist a teacher/observe/work 1-2-1 with Trainer/further studies) failure to follow through on the recommendation for improvement may mean that you will not receive a passing grade, be eligible to receive a Y4R TT certificate.
  • While at the Y4R studio, the Participant agrees to undertake only yoga and yoga related activities. After the practice of yoga, put away mats and props prior to leaving the studio. Wear unscented perfumes, aromatherapy at the studio. Reframe from wearing street shoes inside the studio. Respect the integrity of the other Participants. Reframe from sexual language/behaviour while at the studio. Follow the Y4R grievance procedure if there is conflict.
  • If Participants find it challenging to follow the course, they are advised to request help from the Y4R Trainer.

TEACHER TRAINING COURSE FEE: The Y4R Teacher Training manual is included in the course fee, other required reading materials are not.

FEE PAYMENT: The Participant agrees to (a) abide by the payment schedule listed in the acceptance letter/contract (b) pay deposit as required within a week of accepting a place on the programme. (c) Pay course fee on time via a bank transfer (account provided in acceptance letter) or use Y4R pin machine at the studio (d) When a staged payment plan of TT fees is agreed, Participant agrees to honour the payment schedule, pay the course fees as per the agreed contract – this is not withstanding their completion of the course, transfer to another TT year or other circumstances. (e) For 30-day intensive Teacher Training course, full payment is required 1 month before the commencement of the course.

  • Y4R Teacher Training course fee is 100% refundable if Participant cancels 6 weeks before the commencement of the course. The Initial deposit of 450 (€,£,$) is Not Refundable.
  • Teacher Training Fees are not refundable once the course starts.
  • If unforeseen circumstances prevent the Participant from completing the Teacher Training,  the Participant can join another available Y4R Teacher Training within the following 4 years.
  • No transfer onto another course will be available to a Participant, if Y4R Studio / Main Trainer ask the Participant to leave the programme due to disruptive behaviour. If a Participant impairs the learning of another student/s or Y4R studio finds Participant a challenge to the Y4R Trainer’s effective execution of the course/class, the Participant will be asked to leave. If a Participant is asked to leave the programme, no refund will be provided.
  • Refund request is to be submitted to

HEALTH & SAFETY. Y4R Studio has clearly signpost emergency exits in case of a fire. Emergency safety kit and fire extinguisher are available within easy access. Practice Studio is fully ventilated with access to outdoor light and windows. The studio is zoned as safe for yoga practice by the local authority. Bathroom and other amenities are within easy access. Each Participant will be instructed as to the above listed. Phone numbers and contact details of the Y4R Trainer is listed on the entry door and will be provided to each student

AGREEMENT/CONTRACT: No agreement varying, adding to, deleting from or cancelling the contract shall be effective unless it is In writing (b) Agreed to by all parties (c) Signed by all parties. Written notice by either party to the other may be given: in person, and such notice shall be deemed valid on the date of delivery to (1) Y4R Senior Trainer (2) By registered mail, and such notice shall be deemed valid as of ten days of the proof of mailing date (3) No party may cede any of its rights or delegate or assign any of its obligations in terms of this agreement without the prior written consent of the other parties

NOTICE OF TERMINATION: The agreement between Y4R Studio and the Participant will terminate on the following conditions: At the written request of the Participant sent to (b) At the written request of the Y4R Studio (c) Breach of contract. Upon termination of the contract it is understood that the relationship between Y4R and Participants/other parties has ended.

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE (3 stages): Participant is to speak with the individual(s) concerned to resolve the complaint informally. If not satisfied with the response (2) Participant can  outline the details of the complaint; send to Y4R Studio via registered mail to Yoga4Runners Studio, Gezond in Zuid, Ruysdaelstraat 49-B, 1071XA Amsterdam The Netherlands. OR email The complaint will be acknowledged within 10 working days from the date it is received. (3) If it is not possible to come to a resolution of complaint within 30 working days, Y4R Studio will outline reasons why. After this, the Participant then the option to submit their case to the Yoga Alliance.

THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT ARE: The person receiving the training (hereafter referred to as “Participant”) AND The person/s delivering the training to the Participant (hereafter referred to as “Y4R Trainers”) AND The Yoga4Runners Studio, a Yoga Alliance registered School, located at Gezond in Zuid, Ruysdaelstraat 49 A/B, 1071 XA Amsterdam Netherlands (hereafter referred to as “Y4R studio”).

This version of Yoga4Runners Terms & Conditions overrides all existing T&C.